Design By Demand Inc Renovation

Our Process

Step 1: I come to your home, we discuss your project and do scaled drawings. Step 2: We decide the style and the materials you want to use for your renovation Step 3: I present you with a Free Itemized Proposal with costs for Labor and Materials Step 4: Once you approve the Proposal, Designer is given a $500 deposit and we set a date to go select all items and make any re-selections for your project. This now becomes the actual contract with invoices from vendors and subcontractors. Step 5: The Invoices from vendors can be paid directly by you at my wholesale cost Project Mgmt fee of 25% of all invoices will be billed weekly of all work completed that week Mon-Saturday. Step 6: Most Projects take two weeks from time of demolition. All materials are purchased two weeks ahead of time and demolition will not start until all materials are ready for pick up. Step 7: If a Permit is required, there will be Contractor fees and Permit fees billed at cost. All workers are licensed and insured and will have complied with Workmen's Compensation Requirements.

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